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As mentioned in earlier entries / comments, this blog is not just for me.  If you want to be able to discuss our topics with us, you are welcome to join.  When I first tried to add people, I had some trouble because the way the blogs are set up, you have to get a blog account to be added to a blog, even as a subscriber.

 DocJohn answered my question about how to get a blog account, and I will repeat his answer here.  According to this, you don’t have to actually have your own blog if you don’t want one (and I assume that you would always be able to get your own blog later if you want to then).

 Here is DocJohn’s answer:

Yes, the simple way is to ask for the users you want to add to ensure they have an account over at the PC blog site:

One of the options during signup is to just register a new account, or get a blog. If your users don’t want their own blog, they should choose “Just a username, please.” Once they’re registered, you can add them to your blog to create a community blog.


If you want to be added here, leave a comment, PM me, or email me, and tell me when you have signed up.  I need to know the email address you signed up with to add you. 

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