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can now be found on Tomi’s At Jesus’ Feet blog (see blogroll for link), on it’s own page.  The transcripts and information to join the chat are there.  Also watch for the announcement each week in General.  The page is long, with all of those transcripts, so be patient.  You will find the newest at the bottom.

 Here’s that link:

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  1. Nick says:

    Luke 1:14 – “And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.”

  2. Tomi says:

    Thank you, Wendy, for making this announcement and keeping me in the loop.

    I’m sorry that I’m having such trouble understanding how to organize my blog, but have patience with me. I think I’ll get it soon.

    Love you.

  3. Perhaps the length of the struggle is significant, maybe not. I have been considering religion (sometimes a struggle) since I was nine. That was nearly seventy years ago. Then I was intent on getting God to straighten up the errant. Later I was focused on getting God to bring peace to the world, make love not war. Even later I focused on getting God to just make the religions quit fighting.
    Then I ran across the latest message from God and found that God is working on all those things, but that I need to focus on my own being. I need to stop being prejudiced, stop arguing that my way is right which automatically makes yours wrong, stop trying to run the world in lieu of God, and stop being distressed that things are not working the way I think God planned. God is in control, He has it under control, His plan is working, and all you and I have to do is relax and teach our own self how lucky we are.
    I am not going to change you, you are not going to change me, I am going to change as I learn and adopt new things.

    In the mean time I need to find out what you have learned in your ‘struggles’. I prefer learning vicariously. It is easier on the body.


  4. rapunzel says:

    Robert, thanks again for your thought-provoking comments. Yes, when we can learn vicariously, that does seem to be the easier way to go. And another nice thing about vicarious learning is that sometimes we can pick up where someone else left off and take it to a new level that maybe one person never would have reached alone.

    I think that it is tempting often to want God to transform the world and make it something that we would like better, and do it right now. But God doesn’t work that way for the most part. He has plans for the world, and we can be part of His plans, as He works through us. He created this world for us to be a place where we can grow and learn and become what we were meant to be. He knows what He’s doing. And he doesn’t deal with all of us in exactly the same way, because He understands us individually and works with us individually. He wants us to help each other too, but He won’t do our work for us and neither can we change another person, although sometimes we can show someone the way and they can choose. We have to keep changing and learning. If we are still here, we are not finished yet.

    As a child, I wanted God to transform the world so that everybody would get along and share, and help each other, and not require money because everyone would give each other what they needed. I think that is part of His plan, but when He asked people to live that way, they showed that they weren’t ready. So we must have more to learn.

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