Silencing the Christians

Do you ever get the feeling that you are discriminated against because of your beliefs, and if you try to say anything, then you get blamed for it because you are considered “majority” and therefore can’t be discriminated against?  If so, then you are not alone.  Any time a rule is applied in one way to one group, and differently or not at all to other groups, that is discrimination.  It has happened throughout history and it continues now.  How many Christians were killed for their belief?  Countless numbers, and it still happens. 

Christians are not blameless.  Christians have also discriminated, and have also done terrible things.  To name any one group as an oppressor and blame them would be to discriminate, and that is not what I want to do.  Just like intergenerational cycles of abuse, the patterns repeat throughout history.  One group is persecuted, but survives and eventually comes into power.  They learn by the way that they were treated that the way to survive and not lose power and be the victim is to keep others out of power.  And so hate develops in some (really only a small portion of the members of a group).  And the cycle repeats.  It is very sad.  And that some people do terrible things usually indicates that the people doing terrible things are using the name of the group to increase their own power.  It should not negate all the good that the group or set of beliefs has to offer.

What I am saying is that all of us, whether Christian or something else, need to consider whether rules really are being applied evenly and fairly.  Often they are not.  And these days Christians are as likely to be victims as anyone else, but it seems that Christians are less likely to receive sympathy.  But is that a discriminatory statement right there? I don’t know.

I was just told about a TV show about how Christians are being silenced and discriminated against.  There are many examples such as a mom who was told that she could not read from the Bible to her son’s class, but they told her to read a book about witches instead; all the way up to church shootings.  If you are interested, there is a website where you can watch trailers, sign up for episodes of the show, and find out where to watch it. 

Speechless: Silencing the Christians

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  1. Seraph says:

    I hear you…

    I have been through a very long struggle in terms of religeon over this very issue…and in many ways are still vexed by it.

    The biggest difficulty, is that there is only one, and I am speaking under correction, belief system that grants others a place in the sun. All others, see them selves as THE only one and true faith and no others are allowed.

    This brings in a catch 22 situation… A big part of most beliefs, is that you should not tolerate another belief as it is an affront and desecration of the “one true faith”. Yet, rationally speaking…you as a human-being can’t possibly say whom is right and whom is wrong. This also, in it self brings in a double-whammy to the problem. That is, that the whole principal of believing, revolves around the fact that you accept something as irrefutable truth with no physical proof.

    I can go on and on and on and never find the end as it is 8. Without offending and within reasonable understanding that I might be speaking under correction…and this is only one beliefs point of view, so hear me out:

    – 8 is seen as “infinity” and associated with evil/dark, counterpart to good/light etc…
    – 7 is seen as the “perfect” numeral.
    – 666 is the closest number to perfection that the counterpart to light can get, yet 8 is the true character of the “beast”.

    Therefor, some might say that it is the work of darkness that religeons/beliefs don’t see eye to eye and some religious texts, refers to the “end of the world” as being the moment in time that all nations unify under one belief/goal/flag…whetever the cryptic meaning points to…

    In closing…unfortunately, no matter how long and hard this point is argued…a resolution will never be forthcoming, so long as man exists. And I share your pain and grief over the injustice that has been done in the past and will most likely continue to occur under the geise of “Belief”/”Religeon”/”Faith”

    ~ Seraph ~

  2. rapunzel says:

    I also lament the tendency that people have to insist that their truth can be the only truth. I believe that all have the right to believe and to choose and to worship according to the dictates of their own conscience. I do believe that my religion has some essential pieces of truth that are not found elsewhere, however, I also believe that all religions have truth to a greater or a lesser degree, even if they disagree with mine on specific points. There is a place where people need to recognize “we disagree about this and I am not going to change you, and you are not going to change me, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t love and respect one another.”

    We saw some of this in the chat last night. I believe differently than some others who were in the chat, and we were able to talk about what we each believe, recognize that it is different, each present or explain our own beliefs, and let it be. Maybe there will never be a time when everyone agrees about everything, and maybe accepting that will be the resolution. We need to allow others to choose for themselves.

  3. recluse1 says:

    I recently watched another series on TBN about the Bible’s influence on America throughout our countries history. It was amazing the things that I learned. If you ever see this in your local listing, I strongly suggest you watch it!

    I never knew that the basis for creating public schools was so to teach all people to read so that all could read, interpret, and live by God’s Holy Word!

    Boy! How times have changed!

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