Redeemer of our Pain

Have you ever thought of the full meaning of redemption?  I think I have mentioned it before, that Jesus suffered not only for our sins, but for our afflictions too.  Another aspect of it is that none of our experience is for nothing.  I’m not saying that God wants us to suffer, but He will make our sufferings something to help us grow and learn and become more than we could have without them.  I read this message which was found in a scrapbook and then was placed in a book about grief, and I thought the message was powerful and needed to be shared.  Healing is available through Him.

God Does Not Waste Anything
God will not waste anything if we give Him a chance to redeem it. He is not only a Redeemer of our sins, but He is a Redeemer of our circumstances as well. He will not waste a single problem, a single heartache, a single tear, a single grief. Our God is a Redeemer God, and He stands minute by minute before us, inviting us to let Him have the sorrow, to let Him have the pain, the grief, to let Him have the disappointment and to trust Him to make something useful, something creative of every tragedy that darkens our lives.
Surviving the Loss of a Loved One – Anthony M. Coniaris

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  1. Greg Mann says:

    I think too that afirst grader must learn toadd before division. Jesus lets us gain a little salt here and there and that way we can handle the big stuff. Or maybe lean on him instead of a full carry. I think God is turning us into old saltswhoare tuff and can handle it. Not weak for ever, Greg

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